RouteGadget / Reittihärveli

Web utility for competitors to draw and compare their routes.
RouteGadget is html5/javascript app running in web browser and Perl scripts running on server. Can be installed on any Unix, Linux, Windows server or used locally on PC / laptop.

Utility can be used without any course/split time data or with Condes or Ocad8 courses and SportIdent, Pirilä, tTime, eTiming, E-Results split time files.

This is free for non commercial orienteering related use. Note! This utility comes at is, there is no warranty of any kind. I am not responsible for any damage using this may cause. Use it at your own risk.

RouteGadget Index. Register your RouteGadget sites there if you want to get your events listed.


    gadget_20180412.zipRouteGadget 12.04.2018 (latest). IOF xml 3 fix (course name bug when readingf from perfectly fine eResults iofxml 3)
    removed.zipRouteGadget 31.08.2015

    New HTML5 UI. No java used any longer. (except event management). Mouse over effects. Route themes, like color by split time. Automatic GPS track positioning by split times. Touch friendly UI option, you can draw yout route with pad/phone by dragging cursor with your finger. Fix: uses geo-regerencing information in manual gps track calibration. Mouse over highlight/tooltip for every leg works now also for GPS tracks. Animation can be started now from any control, not just from start. UI bug fixes, option for saving event geolocation from gps uploads. Suunto xml (Ambit/TrackPod) support as gps track upload format. Fix: gps amimation absolute start times. 20140303: Now SplitsBrowser js version is included, thanks Dave & Luke! 20140312: Crome gps upload bug fixes. Bug fix, gps track sometimes ended at last control instead of finish. 20140315: Fix, 'save' button did not work with Chrome unless you clicked the very edge of the button. 20140315: "min.sec slower than fastest split" value added to track tooltip. 20140319: IE8 fixes. 20140323: support for adding new languages and better traslations. Latest version display (live iframe from in "about" window. 20140330: new track colors/coloring, language bug fixes/additions, option to give gpx URL instead of uploading file. 20140402: One bug fix, in relay/forking mode hand drawn tracks were not always split correctly to legs (thanks "GPS" Pekka for poining it out). 20140411: gps butterfly tooltip fix, coordinate decimals rounding fix, splitsbrowser not working if extensin is other than .cgi fixed, "fre" language translation (thanks Mickael B). 20140414: various bug fixes. 20140417: Now also live GPS tracking can be watched witout java applet. 20140424: Dots have now tails, both in normal animation and in live gps tracking. Dots does not "blink" any more when zoomed in. Various live tracking improvements/bug fixes. 20140425: Animation slider (at the bottom of the map) for going forwards/backwards. Default language bug fix. 20140429..20140505: New "animation link" -feature. Fine tune animation the way you like, pause it and click "AnimLink" and you get direct link to animation starting from that paused moment and with simplified UI. For sharing highlights in social media or embeded iframe in event's web site. 20140507: count of drawn routes/tracks in brackets after class/course name (like in java version). Better control number positioning. Mouse over track tooltip info not showing near control numbers fixed. 20140510: splitsbrowser in manual mode events may work better. Animation link should remember zoom and dimming. 20140515: New feaure, archive mode. You can gzip (event's each file like "kilpailijat_[ID].txt.gz") or zip (put event files in zip named "archive_[ID].zip") event files, then event is "closed", no new routes are taken in but existing ones can be watched/animated. And also Ian C from down under contributed a new feature - club name list fo RG manager. If you turn this feature on, you can manage list of club names and just select right one when adding events. No more same club name typed various ways. Thanks! 20140516: gpx going past midnight not working fix. 20140521: Small improvements in splits based gps track positioning (start and finish handled now better). 20140529: Drawing with ipad improved and minor bug fixes. 20140915: Bug in no-splits mode fixed. 20141008: Various live GPS tracking issues fixed. 20141102: GPS tracks gets sorted same way as drawn routes. Animlink plays now also in "absolute time" mode. Anim link animation (movin background map) is smoother if browser is fast enough. 20150203: Manager: calibration of controls without java and with rotation. Experimental support for IOF XML 3 result files. Public UI: Better social media "integration" (FB and Twitter share buttons for events, routes and animations). Route choice length display in pixels (thanks Aivars Z).20150204: Twiter/FB share button fixes. 20150827: gps upload offset time estimaton, nicer courses when "all courses" selected, experimental support for opengts tracking clients. 20150831: gps timing offset bug fix.

    removed.zipRGjs ver. 20140221 (removed, replaced by normal RG). A HTML5/JavaScript UI for RouteGadget. Note, this is just an add-on to normal RG, works as a parallel UI side by side with java UI, both can be used side by side. So you need to have normal RG installed to use this. Consider this as alpha. Most of the core functionality is implemented, including GPS track upload.
    ../gps_tracking/Php scripts for setting up your own live GPS tracking site
    ../gps/QDRoute.zipQDRoute ver 20130625, (You can download directly with this link,win32 installer and python script for other platforms). (Standalone Mac OS X application here). App for making gps track overlays like this. Runs on Mac OS X, Linux, Windows. I use it on Nokia N9 smart phone. Should be possible to run it on android devices. Adjustable track opacity and track width. Reads and exports png and jpg images. Track in gpx format. Now also accepts Suunto xml files (Ambit or trackpod, xml files from C:\\users\\[USER]\\appdata\\roaming\\Suunto\\Moveslink2). You can also add/remove edit points with mouse's right button. Mouse scroll zoom, speed color calibration. Left-right front-back and smoothing filters. (latest). Bug fix, gap between dot and tail in large scale maps. Accepts also splits formats like 1:03:34 or 23.09 and such in ini instead of just seconds. Default layout has now larger/longer maps, better for longer legs. . one bug fix, Quickroute map image wasn't always copied as it should. No other changes Improved version, lots of changes. Support for making HD 720p videos. Layout templates, possibility to edit and make own layouts. Example video QuickRoute support (under development version of QR, 2011-06-20), dots of other competitors in mass start mode and workaround for showing foot pod pace readings. Tool for making head cam videos with dual map overlay and HR/ALT graph. These videos are made with this tool. Writen with perl, runs on Windows and it uses ffmpeg, virtualdub and RouteGadget. New version, now 3 x faster, integrated virtualdub deshaker image stabilization, bug fixes and a short readme.txt guide. I got a lot of help from here for performance tuning and virtualdub integration (actually he did it all :), thanks!
    pymapper_v1.0.zipGPS powered orienteering mapping app for Nokia s60 5th edition touch screen phones. 14.10.2010 (One zoom level added 24.11.2010)
    RGtracker_for_Nokia_s60_20100323.zipPython scripts for Nokia s60 phones for live GPS tracking 23.3.2010 (latest).

    Needed only if you like to use live gps tracking feature. This sis version should Work with Holuxm1200e bt gps

    RGliveViewer_for_NokiaS60_20100131.zipApp for watching live GPS tracking with Nokia s60 cell phone 20.7.2009 (latest)

    RGtracker_for_Nokia_s60_20100131.zipPython scripts for Nokia s60 phones for live GPS tracking 16.7.2009 .

    Needed only if you like to use live gps tracking feature

    gadget_090716.zipRouteGadget 16.7.2009

    Control by control animation. Bug fixes. TCX support. Tools for calibrating maps in real world (GPS) coordinates for auto calibrating GPX uploads and for live GPS tracking. etc. Old (2008) python scripts will not work well with this version. Use new 2009 ones or change old script's send interval to 20 sec if you like to use them.

    gadget_080511.zipRouteGadget 11.5.2008

    One new feature, live GPS tracking using Nokia s60 mobile phones. No much other changes. Instructons will follow later.

    RGtracker_for_Nokia_s60.zipPython scripts for Nokia s60 phones for live GPS tracking 11.5.2008

    Needed only if you like to use live gps tracking feature

    gadget_070306.zipRouteGadget 6.3.2007

    Splitalyzer interface was totally broken as an user from Alaska pointed out. Thanks! Fixed now. It's not perfect, but it kind of works now.

    gadget_070305.zipRouteGadget 5.3.2007

    Example paths for IIS (Windows web server) were uncommented in last reitti.cgi. No other changes. If you are having installing problems with the 070303 version, download this version or just comment those two paths starting with "c:/"

    gadget_070303.zipRouteGadget 3.3.2007

    - ' in event name caused javascript error, fixed.
    - iof-xml files from Aut-O-Download software should work now.
    - gpx import fixed, it supports now float seconds.
    - gps routes gets now start time, so you can view mass start and normal animation
    - problem with start and finish in exactly same place without any controls fixed.
    - splitalyzer support improved/fixed.
    - fixed partly broken dual extension support (pl/cgi)
    - New cool language choice: Hebrow
    - fixed support for different charset (was broken in summer 2006 versions)
    - minor applet fixes like improved viewig of several long gps routes
    - there may be some other changes/fies, can not remember all now

    asennusohje_win_xp_home.txtInstructions for installing RG on Win XP Home edition (In English and Finnish)

    gadget_060929.zipRouteGadget 29.9.2006

    Two bug fixes: courses were not viewed in relay/butterfy mose with some Opera or Mac browsers. Event menu did not work with some charsets. I hope it is ok now.

    gadget_060830.zipRouteGadget 30.8.2006

    Bug fixes: GPS problem with date change during run (has affected night O in Europe, day O in North America).

    - Experimental support for Orienteering Organiser software.
    - GPS: If GPS saving interval is long, extra points is interpolated for the animation.
    - Some new languages added
    - Splitalyzer split analysis tool integrated and included
    - Also some other minor changes and fixes.


    RouteGadget_Installation_Guide 7.6.2006

    Updated version by Paul Frost. Thank you!

    gadget_060607.zipRouteGadget 7.6.2006

    Bux fix: GPX time was not read properly.

    gadget_060606.zipRouteGadget 6.6.2006

    Support for WinSplits Standard Text Format. Support for GPX and KML (FRWD export) files.

    gadget_060425.zipRouteGadget 25.4.2006

    Support for Juhani Rajamäki Reittihärveli export format. No other changes.

    gadget_060422.zipRouteGadget 22.4.2006

    Two minor changes in gps route editing. Only reitti.jar is changed. If you upgrade from 060411, all you need to do is copy reitti.jar over the old one.

    gadget_060411.zipRouteGadget 11.4.2006

    GPS bug fixes: Saved gps route can now be deleted. FRWD file upload, HRM data is no longer read as coordinates (those extra "Africa" points at the end of route). Mouse position now more accurate when adjusting gps route.

    (I think now all the worst GPS bugs are fixed)

    gadget_060404.zipRouteGadget 4.4.2006

    GPS track log upload and edit tools: For Suunto X9 .sdf -files, Garmin Training Center .hst files and FRWD txt export files. Multi point gps route adjusting tools, Gps animation etc.

    10.4.2006 Known (minor) bugs: Deleting gps route is not working properly. Also there is something strange in editing gps route (mouse position is read 1-2 pix wrong I think).


    RouteGadget 25.2.2006

    Now you can make direct links to route drawings. Take a look at latest routes page. Route choice lengths are viewed under split times. A bug in SI csv parser fixed (non english SI files).

    removed.zipRouteGadget 20.12.2005

    New front page with tree-like menu. New handling of manually posted split times, you do not need to type all splits, finish time is enough for animation. Bug fix: tTime csv parser carriage return bug. Improved eTiming xml support, using Halden Sk example xml file.

    removed.zipRouteGadget 25.11.2005

    German translation (thank you Markus)
    - Club, date and level field for events
    - Support for butterflies and score-o etc. (SI csv and Pirilä formats, only one start place can be used in this mode)
    - partly rewritten SI csv parser for better support of different SI csv files (field separator, names and field count may vary)
    - Version number output
    - Link to in logo, etc etc...

    removed.zipRouteGadget 28.9.2005

    Estonian language added. No other changes.

    removed.zipRouteGadget 14.9.2005

    One bug fixed: (event without split times: only the first route drawing was saved, all routes after that were ignored).

    removed.zipRouteGadget 04.9.2005

    Some debug code removed, no other changes. If you have trouble with animations, upgrade. NOTE! When you upgrade, do not replace files in kartat -folder (your event data is there)

    removed.zipRouteGadget 30.8.2005

    Animation: Pause -button. Animation goes now also backwards if you reduce speed enough. There is alos some charset workarounds that may help in some cases. Support for Ocad9 (beta) IOF-XML course files (experimental).

    removed.zipRouteGadget 07.8.2005

    Bug fixes: (1) Finnish event list html. (2) "No splits" -mode, sometimes new routes were not saved. Pirilä relays, sometimes courses were lost during event adding. (2) Dxf route download, html form was broken.

    eTiming users, take a look at this.

    removed.zipRouteGadget 22.7.2005

    SplitsBrowser support: splitbrowser csv can be used as splits format in event adding. Splitbrowser can be used as external splits analysis tool (turn SpitsBrowser on in the beginning of the reitti.cgi, download splitbrowser.jar from and copy the jar file to 'kartat' folder').

    removed.zipRouteGadget 1.6.2005

    Bug fixes. Relay support with Pirilä xml.

    removed.zipRouteGadget 13.4.2005

    Some bug fixes (like no mass start animation freezing). Feature for viewing animation without routes (dot goes always straight). New feature for events without splits: User can now type in splits while drawing routes (useful with trainings and events without SI / Emit). Manual is still not updated.

    removed.zipRouteGadget 28.2.2005

    Support for tTime, manual course mode added, lot of bug fixes etc. Manual not yet updated

    removed.zipRouteGadget 21.12.2004

    Demodata_041219.zipTest data, courses and split times xml

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