Random Ocad map generator

    This tool is designed only for making nice map images, but it can be used for making maps for CF.

    Can be used from command line:
    mapgen parameter_file_name.txt
    mapgen barerock.txt

    Open empty.ocd with Ocad and import dxf using included crt file. Use gis units.


    GUI (by Jari Williamsson) for mapgen_2006-10-27 is available at:

    Here is some sample maps made with this tool.

    The superb random map generator of Suunnistussimulaattori is based of this algorithm. The author of Suunnistusssimulaattori has develped it just a bit further as you might notice...


    I originally wrote 'mapgen' for Commodore 64 using Basic. It was 1986-88. I forgot it for years, but 90' I found it again and converted it it PC qbasic. It was forgotten again for years, but 2003 I found it again and converted it to Perl and added dxf output for Ocad. The utility was originally written only for making nice map images, but is has been once before used as a map generator for O-game (game called SRLM). And now again in Suunnistussimulaattori.

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